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Modern Slavery

We live in that strange time where things are mysteriously different from all the previous ages. Many things that were constant all through history, suddenly transformed into their ‘modern’ versions. Look at the means of transportation and communication for instance. Everything has revolutionised in couple of centuries.

Something similar has also happened with slavery. Earlier, nations were made slaves through military conquests and its people were forced into slavery by physically taking them in possession and making them work for the conqueror. Such slaved nations were compelled to live the way their masters wanted and not the way they desired. The most recent example of such slavery was seen under British rule. When Britain controlled the nations of Africa and India and used its people and resources to strengthen its empire.

Modern Slavery

While that kind of slavery no longer exist, but it has been replaced with a new type of slavery. Now nations do not even know that they are the slaves and yet they work for their masters and assist them in achieving their objectives. This happens when people of a nation, especially youth, is instructed to adopt values and beliefs of another nation and think of them as superior to their own. They are made so obsessed by the culture, language and traditions of another nation that they consider their own practices old-fashioned, obsolete and inferior. By adopting the ‘advanced’ methods of living introduced by the master, victim loses their own unique identity and become a lesser version of the master. Such nations can never excel in the world.

Now this practise is very common today, as we see how a handful of nations in west have become the standard of success for the rest of the world. The world open heartedly accepts everything that comes out of west, no matter how immoral, indecent and unjust it might be. This is because we, the people of east, have admitted that nations of west are superior and we have to copy whatever they do to be successful. They are the symbol of success for us and the ultimate goal of our civilisation is to be like them. In short we want to (and have) become Englishmen with a darker skin. And we are proud of it.

Now the worst thing about this kind of slavery is that, the slaves do not realise that they are slaves. They think they are free, have an independent government which they choose, and free to do what they want. Thus no effort is put in to escape slavery. Why would a man who doesn’t think he is a slave make any effort to be free? These people are enslaved eternally.  In traditional slavery, you control the bodies of people. In modern slavery you control their minds. And the later is more dangerous for the victim.

How it is planned

As the world progressed and people got more aware of their rights, it would have been very difficult to continue with the methods of traditional slavery and forcefully rule other nations. So anyone with a desire to dominate the world had to come up with a different strategy. Controlling minds of people is a very sophisticated approach as it eliminates disadvantages that come with traditional slavery. For example, modern slaves do not hate their masters. In fact, some love them due to their ignorance and think of them as their well wishers. Also, no resistance is seen from modern slaves and masters get their work done more smoothly. This practise is more cost efficient than traditional slavery and rules out any chances of revolt.

But the question is how you get to control minds of people?


It’s the educated class of a society that holds key positions to implement any policy in a country. And if you can control their thoughts, your path to modern slavery gets easier. By designing an education system where students are schooled techniques and practices decided by the master, and not allowing them to come up with their own ideas, you can make them mentally disabled. They will become very good at memorising knowledge and poor at producing their own fresh knowledge as that’s not what they are rewarded for. In around 2 decades of such education system they will become so incompetent that they will lose the ability to reject a thought. Whenever a new idea is thrown at them by the master, they will quickly get busy in learning techniques to implement it and not paying any attention to its consequences. Such people are paid well and often featured in magazines and news papers to present them as ‘ideal’ for the rest of the population.


Media is the most powerful tool that can be used to form a public opinion in favour or against something. It is the fastest and most economical way to control thought process of an entire nation. Its scope and influence is broadest as it reaches everyone in a society. Even the illiterate can be influenced through it.

Majority of the people do not bother to go in the depth of an idea and investigate if it’s true or not. And the first opinion presented to them is generally accepted and believed. Masters of today take advantage of this weakness of human nature and popularise their idea among masses and make their opinion, the opinion of majority. This way by winning the support of majority, they place people who submit to them as head of states over countries of ‘modern slaves’ to further their control. And overthrow the government of a sincere and honest leader by portraying him as the bad guy.

Media is also used to change the culture of a country. For example, by consistently showing western culture and traditions to the people of east, you emerge in them a desire to adopt it. This results in a high demand for western lifestyle around the world which brings enormous revenues for them. Western clothing, food, drinks and cars all these are multi-billion dollar industries only because the world fantasies their way of life. This also makes us dependent on them as we need them to provide us with our daily life necessities. Just like traditional slaves were dependent on their master to provide them with their daily life necessities.

How to respond?

The first step to get out of modern slavery is to realise that you are unknowingly living a life of a slave. Don’t believe the notation that ‘that’s how the system works’ because system only works the way you design it to work. And as the current system of the world is designed by the west, thus it works in the best interest for them. You being an equal human being are equally capable of coming up with your own system which suites you the best.

Secondly, it is very important to develop such mental abilities that enable you to analyse an idea thrown at you, to accept it or reject it. Do not just go with the flow and assume something to be right because everyone does it. You need to sit in isolation and analyse the end result of following any practice. And when doing so, don’t be limited to your own self interests. Think of its consequences on a broader level and on span of a longer period of time. If you don’t do this and follow the masses, the life you will be living would be based on the belief systems schooled to you and not of your own. You would then become slave to the originator of that thought or idea you follow.

Thirdly, you need to reconsider your definition of success or failure and thus your goals. Remember the goals society suggests us, when achieved, will only make us more obedient slaves. God has made us free human beings then why should we urge to be better slave when we can be the masters ourselves? Drop the idea that you were born to earn a living only. No, you are God’s highest form of creation and your purpose of life should be a lot higher than that. Don’t be slave to money, you are superior being and every other creation in the world is supposed to be controlled by you and not the other way around.

A free man is not helpless to its circumstances but through his constant actions he moulds his circumstance in his favour. Through constant observation and unbiased study of history and politics, he is able to see beyond shadows a lies of society. He takes his own decisions not influenced by someone of lesser knowledge, regardless how irrational they seem to the world. Only such people can come up with original ideas and live a free life. Those who do not bother to take this responsibility of thinking for their own self, follow other people’s ideology regardless of what consequences it bring for them. Such people can never live an independent life.  

Now even after all this you are still satisfied to live under slavery, then I complain against you, not against the master.


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Modern Slavery

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