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Financial Innovations

22 July 2019

PDF: I made a fancy PDF of this post for printing and offline viewing. ...

Modern Slavery

14 January 2019

We live in that strange time where things are mysteriously different from all the previous ages. ...

Is China the new Britain?

18 December 2018

In previous article I wrote how the powerful Chinese government is guiding its country towards gl...

What makes China work?

4 October 2018

How a country which was drowning in drugs a few decades back is now on the verge of becoming worl...

Reasons for the rise of western civilisation

12 September 2018

How come a civilisation which had remained poor, powerless and unnoticed for most part of the his...

Importance of Pakistan

14 August 2018

Today on the independence day of Pakistan I want to explain to the young generation of this natio...

Difference between Modernisation and Westernisation

11 August 2018

We need to understand the difference between modernisation and westernisation. We often confuses ...

How to study Quran?

20 July 2018

Quran is not a book that you should attempt to read in an afternoon and expect to understand it c...

Explaining Modern Western Feminist Revolution

21 January 2018

Have you ever wondered why all of a sudden all the women in the world want to do everything a man...